Helping Mothers and Daughters Stay Resilient

Thursday, September 13, 2018 - Friday, September 14, 2018
This presentation will explore the identity development of girls and women over the lifespan and highlight the influences that shape perceptions of what it means to be female in today’s culture. Most often, these influences include both overt and covert messages from family and friends as well as the effects of cultural background, affiliations, and responses to the current media.

In this presentation we will examine the “down side” of the myth of the perfect female – how such unattainable expectations develop and are maintained. Mothers and daughters each grapple with issues such as perfection, body image, service, performance, and their own self-evaluations as they relate to these issues. The dynamics of a mother-daughter relationship can often significantly influence how these challenges are met; mother-daughter and daughter-mother communication can be a key factor in navigating this process in an authentic manner. When this dynamic is troubled, there are protective factors that may be cultivated to add increased resilience for young women
just developing their sense of self. Promoting positive body image, enhancing body image in vulnerable populations and utilizing direct intervention with mothers and daughters are all mechanisms for cultivating authenticity and resilience for mothers, daughters and all women in today’s culture.

Finally, this presentation will provide an overview of treatment for body image issues and eating disorders, particularly as it relates to the inclusion of mother-daughter pairs.

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Melissa Falzarano
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