Log-In Instructions

There has been a lot of confusion regarding the log-in process to access the Member's Only section of this website. 

Every Maryland Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics member is required to create an individual password in order to access the Members-Only section.  The password that we used on the old website is no longer valid.  Your Academy/eatright.org password is not valid on this website either.  

If this is your first time trying to access the Member's-Only section, please follow these directions:

  • Click on "Register Now" in the Members box located at the top right-side of this page.
  • Enter your ADA number.  
  • Enter your last name.
  • Click "Next".  You will be instructed to create a personal password for this site.

If you have created a password, but have forgotten it, you can follow the above process and the site will give you the password that you created.

When logging in each time, you must enter your Academy member number.

If you have tried this process and still have issues, please e-mail info@eatwellmd.org.

We hope you enjoy using our website!!

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