DESCRIPTION: The purpose of the MAND-PAC shall be to raise funds and make contributions to support worthy elected officials and candidates for elected state office in Maryland.  To achieve this purpose, the PAC may also educate MAND members in the political process and encourage their participation.

TAX STRUCTURE:  MAND-PAC, as a separate entity from MAND and MANDF, can receive money from individual MAND members, but the donation is NOT tax deductible.  MAND-PAC does not pay state/federal taxes, is not eligible for grants, and may engage in legislative activity germane to the common business interests of the organizations’ members. Both the tax structure and the reporting system have changed in Maryland over the past ten years and continue to evolve and change, e.g. a new computerized software reporting system begins in January 2012.  Also the State Board of Elections is providing its first class of training classes (in several years) during the weeks of December 12 and 19.


MDAPAC Board member names and contact info:

MDA PAC Chair Phyllis Fatzinger McShane email State Legislative chair x 9 years; MD BODP x 4 years with 1 year as Vice Chair
MDA PAC Assistant-Chair Robin Spence email Outpatient cardiovascular dietitian involved in SCAN
MDA PAC Secretary Concepcion "Siony" Placiente email MDA past president; MD-DHCC past president (2 terms)
MDA PAC Member-at-Large Joanne Zacharias email MDA past president, MD DHCC past president (2 terms); national DHCC chair
MDA PAC Treasurer Marie DeMarco email MDA past president (2 terms); MDA past treasurer (2 terms)
Ex-Officio Member Mark Rifkin email MDA State Policy Representative

 Upcoming meetings/events

  • Friday January 13: 7:30-8:30am, Bel Loch Dinner.  Snow date Friday January 27 same time/ same place
  • Friday April 13: 7:30-8:30am, Bel Loch Dinner.  Snow date Friday April 27 same time/same place

Dates/ times picked to reflect current board members' schedules.


Recent recipients of contributions

Note contributions are primarily $50 with a few getting $100.


  • Delegate Kevin Kelly – Distr 1B – W. MD; Democrat
  • Delegate Joseline Pena-Melryk – District 21 – PG County; Democrat
  • Delegate Susan K McComas – District 35B – Hartford County; Republican
  • Senator Brian Frosh – District 16 – Montgomery County; Democrat
  • Senator Jim Brochin – District 42 – Baltimore County; Democrat
  • Senator Don Munson – District 2 – W. MD; Republican
  • Senator Kathy Klausmeier – District 8 – Baltimore County; Democrat
  • Delegate Shawn Tarrant – District 40 – Baltimore City; Democrat
  • Delegate Pat McDonough – District 7 – Baltimore County; Republican
  • Delegate Kirill Reznik – District 39 – Montgomery County; Democrat
  • Delegate Richard Sossi – District 36 – Eastern Shore; Republican
  • Delegate James Hubbard – District 23A – PG County; Democrat
  • Delegate Sue Kullen – District 27B – Calvert County; Democrat
  • Senator Nancy Jacobs – District 34 – Cecil/Hartford County; republican (never cashed check)
  • Delegate Norman Conway – District 38B – Eastern Shore; Democrat
  • Senator Edward J Pipkin – District 11 – Baltimore County; Democrat


  • Delegate Bonnie Cullison – recommended by Mark Rifkin
  • Delegate Dan Morhaim  - recommended by Mark Rifkin


How are elected officials chosen to receive MAND PAC donations?

Candidates are evaluated based upon their political position with respect to issues important to dietetics, and the appointment to committees that evaluate those issues relevant to dietetic practitioners. Position on a committee, e.g. chair of health subcommittee is also considered as well as a recognition that our members belong to both parties (democrat and republican).



Every year, Senator James Brochin has sponsored dietetic interns from the University of Maryland College Park to come to Annapolis, be introduced in opening session, meet with them to review policy issues and encourage them to attend afternoon hearings.


MDA PAC Policies & Procedures

MDA PAC Bylaws



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