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Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RD/RDNs) are the most reliable authority when it comes to food and nutrition. The Maryland Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics media-trained RD/RDNs look forward to supporting your news story by providing compelling, accurate, evidence-based nutrition information you can trust.


Why choose a Maryland Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics registered dietitian nutritionist as your nutrition news source?

Registered dietitian nutritionists are the nutrition professional of choice for  leading TV, radio and print media outlets. You can count on our Maryland media-trained RD/RDNs to translate the latest scientific research on relevant, trending nutrition news topics into engaging messages your audience can understand and use in their everyday life.


Registered dietitian nutritionists (RD/RDNs) are highly educated health professionals who provide nutrition education and dietetic services in a variety of business, industry, government, healthcare, education, sports, research, clinical and community settings.  All RD/RDNs have earned at the minimum a Bachelor's degree, have completed a qualifying internship, passed a national board exam and complete continuing education. The majority of RD/RDNs have earned an advanced degree of a Master's degree or higher.  

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