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Submission Requirements
Articles will not be considered if submitted less than 1 month prior to the publishing date above. All submissions must include citations and must be written in an acceptable format.  Submissions must be less than 800 words. All submissions should be sent to the Chesapeake Lines Newsletter Editor, Jana Wolff.

Photo Submissions
We welcome photo submissions.  Please complete this waiver to allow the Maryland Academy to use your photographs and submit it with your photos.

Newsletter Advertisements
    1. Cost: ¼ page $25; ½ page $50; ¾ page $75; Full page $100
    2. Length of listing: newsletter is published electronically four times per year 
        and is available on the Members-Only section of our website.
    3. Contact our Newsletter Editor for more information.

The following conditions apply to all forms of advertising: The Maryland Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics reserves the right to refuse any submission based on content or space-limitations. Inclusion of event listing, job posting, newsletter ad, e-blast, or approval of mailing list rental does not imply Maryland Academy endorsement of product or service. We reserve the right to edit all submissions due to space issues and technical capabilities.  We reserve the right to refuse any request for purchase. Ads must be written and edited in desired format prior to submission; we are not responsible for errors.

Please e-mail article submissions or questions to our newsletter editor, Jana Wolff.

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