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Maryland Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Advertising Policy

The Maryland Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics seeks to meet the needs and expectations of
members and the public and strives to provide timely information via our website. The Maryland Academy offers advertising space to other associations, professional groups, and
individuals who would like to announce their products or services to our members.  All advertisers must meet criteria established in our Sponsorship Policy.

Advertising options include:

A. Event Listing: Listing of an event or continuing education activity. Event will

    be listed on the Calendar section of our website.

  1. *Cost: $50
  2. Length of listing: from receipt of announcement until event date.
  3. Contact our Executive Director to purchase.

*Fee is waived if an event is free of charge and offers at least 1.0 CEUs

B. Job Posting: Listing of job opening. Posting will be listed on the
    Job Opportunities section of our website.

  1. Cost: $200
  2. Length of listing: 4 weeks.
  3. May be posted directly to our website 
  4. Go to or contact our Executive Director for more information. 

C. E-blast: A one-time digital flyer or announcement distributed through email.

  1. Cost: 
    • $150- For-profit organizations
    • $100- Non-profit organizations
    • $50- Academy-affiliated groups (state affiliates, district associations, DPGs)
  2. Length of listing: one-time e-mail
  3. Contact our Communications Chair at for more information or to be considered for inclusion in our free bi-weekly e-blast.    
  4. A disclaimer will be included on each paid e-blast, "This e-blast is a paid announcement and does not constitute endorsement by the Maryland Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics." This will be added to all paid e-blast emails.

D. Mailing List: List of member addresses that may be used for the one-time
    direct mail purpose for which it has been approved.

  1.  Cost: Electronic File
    • $150- For-profit organization
    • $100- Non-profit organization
    • $50- Academy-affiliated groups (state affiliates, district associations, DPGs)
    • Prorate at $0.15/member for portions of the list for profit and non-profit organizations plus $20 administrative fee
    • No charge for Maryland Academy Board members for uses related to Academy activities
  2. Length of listing: one-time direct mailing.
  3. Rental agreement and approval by Maryland Academy required.
  4. Mailing list may not be duplicated, resold, or integrated into a permanent database.
  5. MDA does not rent e-mail addresses.
  6. Contact our Executive Director for more information.

The following conditions apply to all forms of advertising: The Maryland Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics reserves the right to refuse any submission based on content or space-limitations. Inclusion of event listing, job posting, newsletter ad, e-blast, or approval of mailing list rental does not imply Maryland Academy endorsement of product or service. We reserve the right to edit all submissions due to space issues and technical capabilities.  We reserve the right to refuse any request for purchase. Ads must be written and edited in desired format prior to submission; we are not responsible for errors.

Maryland Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics' Bi-Weekly E-blast Policy

As part of our commitment to keep members abreast of current networking and educational opportunities, the Maryland Academy of Nutrtition and Dietetics will send an e-blast to our members two times per month. Announcements and event listings will be included free of charge, however priority will be given to announcements related to Maryland Academy and Academy business.

  1. The e-blast will be sent on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month. In the event that the scheduled e-blast date is a holiday, the e-blast will be sent out the day before.
  2. We reserve the right to refuse any submission based on content or space limitations.
  3. Inclusion of announcement in bi-weekly e-blast does not constitute the Maryland Academys's endorsement of said product or service.
  4. Deadline for submission will be 12:00 noon on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month.
  5. We reserve the right to edit submissions due to space limitations and e-blast capabilities.
  6. E-blast articles must be written and edited prior to submission;  the submission will be published as received and we are not responsible for errors.
  7. We reserve the right to format articles per e-blast program capabilities.
  8. Disclaimer to appear on all e-blasts, "Events and Announcements included in this e-blast that are not related to Academy or Maryland Academy - activities are listed as a free service and do not imply Maryland Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics' endorsement."


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