Mission and Vision

Vision: Optimize the health and wellbeing of Marylanders through food, nutrition, and policy.

Mission: Equip nutrition professionals with/through leadership, evidence-based practice, and advocacy while empowering community members with access to nutrition education.


  • Community Focus: Serve member needs and strives to improve health outcomes for Marylanders.
  • Professional Integrity: Act ethically with accountability for life-long learning and professional practice.
  • Commitment to Excellence:Dedicate our energy and resources to continuous improvement in the pursuit of the highest standards of professional practice.
  • Innovation: Pursues progress through creativity and strategic thinking.
  • Social Responsibility: Guide decisions with considerations for inclusion, equity, and social determinants of health.

Strategic Goals:

  1. Supporting members in navigating opportunities & platforms in the expanding healthcare arena
  2. Promoting the RDN credential to the public as the nutrition experts
  3. Educating members to become change agents by expanding awareness of equity and bringing social determinants of health to the forefront.
  4. Show appreciation to the Maryland Nutrition community through member benefits such as networking, education events, and scholarship opportunities
  5. Increase awareness by nutrition professionals and the community about how public policy impacts wellness outcomes

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