Membership FAQ


How do I join MAND?  Membership in a group affiliate is a benefit of being a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (the Academy). The Maryland Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is an affiliate of the Academy of Nutrtion and Dietetics.  If you are a member of the Academy and live in the state of Maryland OR have specifically requested that the Maryland Academy be your group affiliate, you are a Maryland Academy member.

What are the benefits of Maryland Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics membership?  Discounts on attendance fees for Maryland Academy sponsored continuing education activities, networking opportunities with other dietitians, and the opportunity to improve our profession by getting involved in Maryland Academy committees and activities. Elected positions within the Maryland Academy can be used for leadership CPEUs in the Professional Development Plan.

How do I update my contact information?  The Academy provides the database which lets the Maryland Academy know who its members are and how to contact them. If there are errors in your name or address you can correct them on the Academy Website or by calling 800/877-1600. Becoming a member of the Academy is a wise investment, so be sure to get the most from your investment by keeping your Academy profile information up-to-date and accurate.

I just moved to Maryland.  How do I change my Academy affiliate to the Maryland Academy?  Contact the Academy's Member Services office.  You can easily do this online by going to and logging in.  Click on "Renew Membership." You will be directed to your account information where you can change your preferred affiliate.  Submit changes as directed.  You will not be charged for submitting this change. 

Can I join the Maryland Academy even though I am a member of another Academy group affiliate?  Yes!  Because Academy members can only formally join one affiliate due to the rebate format and database infrastructure, the Maryland Academy has developed a Supporter category, which allows Academy members to join this Affiliate as a secondary member. You can find the application here

I am a healthcare professional and/or an individual interested in nutrition.  Can I join the Maryland Academy even if I am not an RD and not eligible for Academy/MAND membership?  Yes!  The Maryland Academy offers Subscriber status for individuals otherwise ineligible for Academy membership.  An example of an individual eligible for this type of membership would be a physician, nurse, or other healthcare professional who wishes to keep abreast in the field of nutrition.  According to Academy and Maryland Academy bylaws, Subscribers of the Maryland Academy may not vote in elections, hold office, or serve as a committee chair, nor may they receive recognition or Academy member benefits and services.  Subscribers may attend Maryland Academy Board Meetings by invitation only. If you are interested in becoming a subscriber, reach out to

How does the Maryland Academy use its member database? Mailings and notices for continuing education events sponsored by the Maryland Academy come from our database. We use e-mail addresses to send out important notices to Maryland Academy members. 

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