Don’t Buy B.S. (Bull Speak): How Food Bullying Hurts Your Health

Wednesday, July 08, 2020 

Jul 8, 2020 03:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

COVID-19 has taken fear about food to a new level. How can you better evaluate label claims in the dairy case? Can you find the B.S. (Bull Speak)? International award-winning author Michele Payn reveals how food is a $5.75 trillion business focused on fear-based marketing. Food bullying is about the need to position one food as superior to another, removing choice, and creating emotion. This interactive webinar will take look at levels of bullying and their motivators, helping you to simplify safe food choices and protect food security. Michele will provide evidence-based examples from her years as a Holstein breeder and professional speaker connecting farm and food. You’ll learn:
• How does food bullying affect us? Overview of victims and the consequence of misinformation on food prices, the food insecure, and farmers.
• What is Bull Speak (B.S.) and what matters on food labels? Examples to include hormones, antibiotic claims, ‘distinction without definition’ labels - and the power of the Nutrition Facts Panel.
• Why does food bullying impact your brain? Introduction to neuromarketing and emotional decision-making in the dairy case.
• How can you manage emotional vs. rational decisions related to food to overcome the unnecessary drama surrounding our food plates today



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