Maryland Advocacy


For Nutrition Professionals, Public Policy and Advocacy is central to your career in any career setting, tenure or nutrition niche.


How do you get involved?

Join the Board, attend a meeting, or come with us to Advocacy Day!


Recent MAND Advocacy Activities:


Updating Long Term Care Facility Regulations

Participating in State Health Councils regarding, Diabetes, Health and Wellness, and Insurance

Nutritional Care Regulations in Assisted Care Facilities

Defining the scope of practice of unlicensed professionals

Modernizing the State’s licensure provisions for the LDN credential for RDNs & CNSs

Extending federal coverage of child nutrition programs

Approving RDNs to write medical nutrition orders

Authorizing CMS to grant billing status to RDNs

Coverage for the RDN/LDN as an Essential Health Benefit in Maryland

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