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Look at what Public Policy has accomplished in the State Legislature for Maryland Registered, Licensed Dietitians in 2018! 


The Legislative Session just closed in Annapolis for 2018.  The Public Policy Panel presented testimony on 3 bills, put up amendments for 2.  A group of 87 members, students & interns were present at the State Legislative Interactive Workshop (SLIW) to support all 3 plus one that School Food Service Dietitians testified on.  And we had great success!

Coverage of Elevated or impaired Blood Glucose Levels and Prediabetes was successfully amended by MAND to include obesity.  And it passed the House and the Senate!  That means Insurance carriers must all cover RDNs’ who provide MNT for patients diagnosed with Prediabetes and Obesity!

An Advisory Committee has been established to aid the Maryland Department of Health relating to the certification and training of community health workers; requiring the Department to adopt certain regulations for accrediting certified community health worker training programs; providing that a certified community health worker training program must be approved by the Department before operating in the State.  Our amendment to assign a Registered Dietitian to the Committee was amended to that MAND must be consulted on these regulations. This bill also passed and the good news is that MAND’s voice will be heard before regulations on the training of Community Health Care Workers and their Certifications are finalized. 

The bill to provide services for Children with Prader-Willi Syndrome and the Education bill to Expand Summer Meals Grant Pilot Program did not proceed out of Committee this year.  However, neither had an unfavorable report, so they can easily be re-introduced next year. However, you have to be impressed with the two important bills that have passed! 

Put on your calendar now the SLIW February 13, 2019 so you can help make a difference next year.  Also remember this is an election year.  Get to know the candidates running in your area, and VOTE.

If you have any questions on MAND's state public policy positions, or would like to get more involved, please contact MAND's SPR Andrea Troutner at or check out our Public Policy FAQ page

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